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Aarogyavardhini Giloy Capsule

Aarogyavardhini Giloy Capsule Guduchi Capsule

Aarogyavardhini Giloy Capsule

Guduchi Capsule


  1. Boosts Immunity
  2. Treats chronic fever
  3. Improves Digestion
  4. Manages Diabetes
  5. Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  6. Respiratory Diseases
  7. Arthritis
  8. Glowing skin
  9. Weight loss

Giloy/Gudichi (Tinospora cordifolia)
India is the origin of Ayurveda where all disease and illness have a natural remedy in the form of herbs. Around so much herbs one of the most important & miraculous herb is known as GILOY /Guduchi with botanical name Tinospora cordifolia.

Geographically Giloy is the herb found in the tropical areas of India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Giloy is the miraculous herb important for all human being. From centuries Giloy was being used as natural remedy for many health problems.

What is Giloy
Giloy is herb having potential to treat many health problems, it climbs on trees & spread in large manner. Giloy growing on different trees having different health benefits. Giloy on Neem tree known as having higher medicinal properties, like that giloy on Babul,Jamun & Mango trees are also having better medicinal values with that cultivated giloy is also a best, option any one can cultivate in home garden.
"Amruta" is the Sanskrit name of giloy. This name was derived from the rejuvenating property of giloy.
Giloy is effective herb which improves immunity power and thus helps to keep away from many infections. Therefore giloy is the most important preventive measures for asthma, common cold, fever etc.
In Fevers like typhoid, malaria, jaundice & Dengue Giloy is helpful. Use of giloy increases the blood platelet count & thus plays an important role recovery of dengue fever.
Giloy helps to regulate blood sugar level as it helps in insulin production and thus good for diabetic patients. Because of its anti-inflammatory property Giloy is effective in arthritis. For Weight loss Giloy is an effective herbal remedy . Giloy with jaggery for treating constipation.

Properties of Giloy

  1. Immune tonic-Giloy is best immune booster.
  2. De toxicant –Destroys toxins & accumulations in gut liver etc.
  3. Nerve tonic –boosts nervous system, memory & mental health.
  4. Hepatoprotective –protects the liver from hepatitis & cirrhosis etc.
  5. Cholagogue-flushes excess & dirty bile downwards.
  6. Anti –allergic- cures allergies like asthma, flu, etc.
  7. Anti-inflammatory- balances the enzymatic system & controls the inflammation.
  8. Anti –viral.
  9. Wound healing capacity.

Boosts Immunity
Giloy is the one of the best herb to improve immune system.Anti oxidants present in giloy irradiates free radicals which rejuvenates body and keeps healthy. It is power house of antioxidants which fights free radicals, keeps cells healthy & get rid of diseases. One of the best property of giloy is detoxification which helps to purification of blood & thus useful in kidney & liver diseases.

Treats chronic fever
Giloy helps to rid of recurrent fever. Giloy is anti-pyretic in nature which is helpful in all type of fever like malaria, typhoid, dengue. Giloy helps to improve blood platelet count and thus very important in dengue fever.

Improves Digestion
Indigestion is the root cause of many diseases. So better digestions seems to better health.
The anti –flatulent property of giloy reduces the formation of gas in the alimentary canal & thus reduces the bloating, flatulence & abdominal pain.
Giloy is very beneficial in improving digestion & treating bowel related issues. Giloy is rich source of nutrients & fibres act as potent appetizer & thus maintain good appétit, reduces indigestion, promotes better absorption of nutrients in the body. Giloy with some extent of Amla can improve results. Giloy would be an effective remedy for piles.

Manages Diabetes
Giloy improves the insulin secretion from pancreas and thus helps to control blood sugar level. With this Giloy act as hypoglycaemic agent and thus helpful in diabetes. Giloy helps to burn excess glucose in blood stream and thus regulates blood sugar level.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Giloy helps to release mental stress & anxiety and thus it is used as natural stress-booster. It helps detoxification, boosts memory, relaxes mind. Use of giloy balances vata,pitta & cough which regulates hormones & helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety like restlessness, uneasy feeling & etc.

Respiratory Diseases
Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic cough etc are well treated by giloy this is due to giloy has an anti –inflammatory property which helps to get rid of cough.

The anti-inflammatory & pain killer capacity of giloy work effectively in disease like arthritis where there is severe pain in joints. With that giloy balances vat, pitta & Cough which comes in result as pain reliever & good for joint pain.

Glowing skin
Anti-aging property of giloy plays an important role in rejuvenating and works in the skin problems. Regular use of giloy keeps skin healthy & glowing dark spot, pimple & wrinkle free.
Giloy is good for eye sight, sexual health, wound healing, cardiac problem, lungs health & etc.

Weight loss
Giloy burns extra fat and calories, improves digestion allows detoxification, gives nourishment to organs and thus helps in weight loss.

How to use Giloy
Giloy can be used in various forms as suitability and availability. Fresh giloy stem can be used in boiling water, giloy capsule, giloy powder etc. Giloy is somehow stringent and slight bitter in taste so easy to use is giloy capsule. Fresh giloy is difficult to found in city area so giloy in capsule form is better to use and carry.
Time- Early morning empty stomach is better to take giloy capsules.
In case of dengue fever for improvement in platelet count Giloy capsule can be taken 2-3 times a day or as suggested by Ayurvevd practitioner.
Who can take Giloy
All age group peoples from Children’s to old age can take giloy, as improved immune system is requirement of each n every human. Giloy is a potent herb which helps in brain development, memory boosting, nourishment and detoxification all these properties makes giloy on of the vital herb on earth.

Side Effects of Giloy
Giloy is a potent & vital herb in universe there are no major side effects of giloy but some precautions & care should be taken to avoid any risk
Lactating women & Pregnancy: Lack study on use of Giloy in pregnancy and lactating mothers so it’s best to avoid using giloy or can be used as per opinion of physician. Diabetes: Giloy helps in diabetes by lowering blood sugar level. Diabetic patient should always keep monitoring their sugar level so that they can adjust their medicine doses by consulting their physician.
Auto immune Diseases
As giloy improves immune system, Regular use of giloy might make immune system over active which results in autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis, Lupu, rheumatoid arthritis. So people with theses disease should avoid the use of giloy.