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About Us

About Aarogyavardhini

Aarogyavardhini has its own well established and well equipped unit in Nashik, Maharashtra with own farm for growing best quality & organic herbs in under own observation since 2018. We have started our journey from a thought of ‘Precious health with herbal products in affordable cost & zero side effects’.

We have been producing & distributing organic Wheat Grass since 2014 grown on our own organic farm and started commercial promotion of Wheat Grass Powder in the year 2018 with that now we have wide range of essential herbal products.

Aarogyavardhini deals in nutritive - immune booster herbal products. From Ancient times herbs are used in our therapeutic methods like Ayurved, Unani, and Naturopathy. All herbs on earth have its own medicinal and nutritional value which plays a vital role in prevention & treatment of various diseases. From a wide range of herbs Aarogyavardhine has picked some very important and potent herbs & made it available for you in the form of capsules, powder & tablets. These are mainly Giloy, Moringa, Tulsi, Wheatgrass, Ashwagandha, shatavari, Neem, Bitter gourd –Jamun seeds & etc. All these herbs are having highest number of essential vitamin, proteins, anti –oxidants, and are enriched with the very important property like Detoxification.

We partners of Aarogyavardhini Ms.Vaishali Bhaskar Gawade & Mrs. Pratibha Santosh Gadgil have started from very small scale with a prompt & long vison of our mentor Mr. Santosh Gadgil who is a technical field person turned into a Diploma Holder in Yog & Naturopath due to his nostalgia towards Herbs. He is a Nature lover personality with interest in all medicinal plants and a strong attraction towards swadeshi. As Arogyavardhini is the formation of Women entrepreneur our potential target is to increase women empowerment with providing jobs and income for women.


Our motto is to drive every Indian from illness to wellness by use of Natural ingredients with no side effects in very low cost. With that we want make people aware of Naturopathy. (An ancient system for being healthy).


Our vision is Healthy & Wealthy India….!

- By gaining Health with natural ingredients Indians will save money & will feel increased work efficiency with increased energy level it will indirectly help to improve India's growth rate as all healthy people will able to give their best performance in their relative work.

- Malnutrition is critical problem in our country. Arogyavardhini have decided to do incredible work in eradication of malnutrition from the bottom line of nation that will help peoples to come in main stream.


We are committed to manufacture organic, good quality products with proper hygiene, system & process with a descent and suitable packaging’s.

Our main focus is to provide fresh produced material for better health results and best feedback.

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